What’s My Pace?

If you are just starting out running or are starting over, you probably don’t know your pace.

If you know something about how fast you run, you still may wonder how fast or slow you should say it is when you register for Run Camp.  If your pace is faster than 12 minutes per mile, check your “training pace.” This means while you are running, or run/walking you can carry on a conversation without being overly out of breath.  Yes, we understand that you are still running so there will be some exertion, but you should be able to speak in full sentences, laugh, and have a good time.

Field Experience

If you have signed up for the 5K, 10K or Half Marathon with the pace of a 12 or more minute per mile, just check the 12+ box, and you will take part in the field experience on the first day of camp.

On that first day of camp, after our big meeting, you will go out for a run – or walk/run — with a large group The distance depend on the event you are training for.  It is important that you run/walk your pace, a conversational pace.  This helps us place you in the right paced team for the rest of camp.

The details of how the field experience work will be explained on the first day of camp so we can do our best to get you in the best group possible.


Think you’re in the wrong group after that first day or the second day?  Don’t worry. For the first several weeks of camp, we have a drop/add time for you to make adjustments.  Switch as soon as possible if you must switch so you can get to know your team members.