It’s All About Team Play

You’ve Been Assigned to a Team

These are your running buddies. You’ll gather each Saturday with your Team Leader, and you’re expected to shake the hand of every member of your team and call them by name every week. If you forget their name, it is perfectly acceptable to apologize and ask.

Your Weekly Team Meetings

Your Team Leader (or his or her “lieutenant”) will take roll and conduct a meeting that will include information about that day’s run. The leader will also ask about ailments and injuries, answer questions and will pass along questions you have to a coach. Remember, you may visit with our coaches, and the best time is before each Saturday’s run.

Tell Your Story

Be prepared to tell your teammates a little about yourself. Tell them about your running background, your goal for camp and other fun stuff you think may interest them. (Example: “The reason I’m all scratched up is because I have 14 cats.”)

Yes, You Can Change Teams

If you just found out your sister-in-law is in camp, or a couple that runs with your group made you wonder why anyone would think you could run with these “gazelles,” you will have time during the first several weeks to become a member of a different team. Need help finding a different team? Ask Blaine Lam or Cheryl Pickett what group is a better fit for your pace. Or talk with fellow campers and Team Leaders.

Drop-Add is a two-part process:

  1. Tell your Team Leader you need to change teams and have your Team Leader give you your card.
  2. Give your card to your new Team Leader.