Team Leaders

Do you want to be a team leader?

Borgess Run Camp is about changing lives. No individual is more important to that life-changing experience than the team leader. Let us know if you would like to consider becoming a team leader.

We don’t recruit leaders for Borgess Run Camp. We put the opportunity out there to see who embraces the challenge. We set expectations and we explain the roles and responsibilities of leaders, the relationship between the individual and the team, and the relationship between the team and the camp.  From that point on, team leaders breathe life into Borgess Run Camp.


What do Run Camp Team Leaders Do?

Team leader expectations are these: regular (but not perfect) attendance, a few extra meetings (including leadership training), weekly team emails, the organization of a mid-week run, a positive attitude and the desire to set an example for others. There are some material and financial benefits of being a team leader, but none as great as learning, leading and living the good life. In most cases, we have two leaders per team.

How are Team Leaders chosen?

Individuals who want to consider becoming a team leader should send an email to, stating their interest and relevant background, the race they want to train for, and their training pace. We can’t make early commitments because one of the biggest factors in selection is the number of runners at a particular pace for a particular event. So, if we have too many potential leaders for too few potential campers who run their pace, we try to find a different way they can exhibit their leadership.