Changing Lives

Borgess Run Camp has earned a reputation as a very big, very social experience, but more importantly – and more dramatically – it’s a personal journey for individuals looking to improve their health condition.  Yes, the weekly gathering of hundreds of people can feel intimidating, but campers quickly feel at home because of the unique team concept that goes beyond “pace training.” Run Camp has expert coaches committed to proven training principles. Team leaders, too, are trained and they provide regular communications and meetings that keep beginners and veterans alike on track and motivated.

“This program has changed my life. I can’t explain the emotion I felt when I crossed that finish line!”

— Melissa Lewis

“Last year I changed my eating habits, then joined Borgess Run Camp and in May completed the Borgess Half Marathon (my first ever). I have become fit, lost nearly 60 pounds and feel amazing.”

— Rene Davis

“One year ago if someone would have told me I would be eager to get up early on a Saturday morning and run in temps below freezing I would have told them they were crazy. This is by far an incredible group of people and the entire experience has exceeded any expectation I could have had. Thank you for all your guidance, encouragement and laughs throughout the last few months.”

— Julie Ringlever