Camp Communications

Borgess Run Camp is a “community” and communications provide the glue that keeps it together.

Your E-Notebook

A lot of what you need to know is in the Camp E-Notebook, which can be found under the e-Notebook section of this website.  The Notebook materials will be found online only this year!


It is an expectation of all team leaders to send regular emails to their team members.

You will also receive an email blast (with Borgess Run Camp heading and graphics) with announcements and updates from camp organizers several times during the course of camp.


Well, of course, there’s this site. Visit the e-Notebook section where you’ll find the complete contents of the training binder including downloadable training calendars and maps.

We have a very active Facebook group. Find us on Facebook by searching Borgess Run Camp.

And there’s a silly Run Camp Blog, but be warned. This is the electronic playground for run campers, and it is part fiction, part fact, and you are left to decipher which is which. Read at your own peril. It’s optional.

If you go to our Photo Blog, you can see your fellow campers being captured photographically for posterity.